Sabba Daanang Dhamma Daanang Jinathi, (Offering Dhamma is superior to all other forms of offerings)- Lord Buddha

After observing the lack of content on Dhamma available in the web for the English speaking community; thought of discussing the essense of buddhism to the best of my ability for the benefit of those who are blessed with the wisdom to comprehend the message delivered by Lord Gautam Buddha some 2500 years ago.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Author expects to kick things off by explaining the name chosen for this blog [Swarnamali].

After Lord Buddha attained Nibbana, it was said that the sacred ashes were put into eight drona(s), smaller pot like containers, and was distributed among the kings of ancient India to build stupa(s) for all life forms to worship; as that is one way of building shraddha (faithfullness towards trilple Gem Buddha, Dhamma, Sanga). The word shradda will be discussed at length in a future post as it is not merely faithfullness or loyalty; but the Author thinks that the term attained nibbana needs to be clarified a little as it is not just a synonym for the word death.

According to the word of Lord Buddha death stands for leaving this (human) form of existence to accept the same or another form of existence which continues till an end is put to forming of Bhawa [will be discussed in a future post]. But a human being who reached the Arhath status [will be discussed in a future post] as Lord Buddha does not fall into this universal process of death as the existence of the being who has reached Arhath status ends with death. Therefore Attained nibbana would be the correct term to be used when refering to the passing away of anyone who has achieved the Arhath status.

If we get back to the topic again, it is said that before Lord buddha attained nibbana it was wished that one of these drona(s) to remain in Sri Lanka as this is the island where the essence of dhamma would remain to the end, before Dhamma (teachings) is lost and forgotton. And it is believed by the Sri Lankan buddhists that a one drona full of ashes resides inside this massive stupa (Swarnamali) Ruwanweliseya and is the place with the biggest portion of Dhathu (remains) of Gautam buddha.

And it is said that before the Dhamma reaches its end (This is not by any means the end of world or apocalypse, just the end of Teachings of Gautama Buddha. According to the Lord buddha, the human race can and will remain without Dhamma for ages till the next samma sambuddha is born) all remains those resides in human and none human worlds will come together to form a living image of Lord buddha where the one final sermon is delivered by Lord buddha's living image for the benefit of those with the wisdom to comprehend the 4 nobel truth and attain nibbana within the Gautama Buddha sasana. And it is believed by the Sri Lankan buddhists that the much anticipated the final sermon would be delivered here at Swarnamali Stupa.

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